Trapping Hogs to Bring Back the Deer: Tips and Timeline

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    Usually takes a little while for deer to come back. You might find someone with hog dogs to come wipe em out

  • Rachel's avatar

    @Wade that would be great!

  • David's avatar

    It'll take a while for them to come back. Short of trapping, you can also hunt them. Either with a gun and spotlight or thermal. Or dogs. Whatever way works best. Even having someone you know do it. I know they make good freezer fillers.

  • Rachel's avatar

    @David I don’t like eating them and I hate they are running off what I do eat pisses me off 😡 looking into building a trap

  • E's avatar

    Put some hog panels around your feeder.

  • Rachel's avatar

    @E I’ll look into that never heard of them! Thanks!

  • Josh's avatar

    Take 2 hog panels and make a trap like this its easy me and my brother have done this it works great

  • Bizzell Bunch's avatar

    Build a low fence around your feeder

  • John's avatar

    On YouTube look up "deermeatfordinner hog trap." That style of trap is what I've used alot.

  • Rachel's avatar

    @Josh thank you!

  • Rachel's avatar

    @Bizzell thanks 😊

  • Josh's avatar

    @Rachel your welcome

  • Rachel's avatar

    @John I will thanks!

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Rachel N


Started hunting October 2022 and have really grown to love it! Nothing like being in Gods awesome outdoors!

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