Training a Puppy for Gunshots

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  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    I’ve been told that making loud noises while they eat helps. Never tried it as our dogs have always been good with gun shots. Then again, with 5 kids in the house there is always loud noises😂!

  • Christian's avatar

    @RKE man she’s the first I’ve had even slightly scared. I’ll pop balloons and stuff right by here no issue I’ll shoot .22s her under me no problem I shoot shotgun on opposite side of house no problem but if she can see the gun she gets skittish

  • Stewart's avatar

    If a retrieve is a reward, then have a buddy 50yds away throw bumpers and shoot in the air. Have her retrieve. Then SLOWLY close distance. This should take several days. Use a 410 if you can.

  • Christian's avatar

    @Stewart the only 410 I own is a short barrel and louder than my 20 gauge so I’ve been using the 20. I’ve tried the retrieve but that didn’t work she ran past the bumper and sat and looked back at the shooter that was 75 yards from me throwing the opposite direction. I’m gonna try using a dead dove next because so far that’s been the most rewarding retrieve for her. Don’t get me wrong she loves retrieving bumpers but it’s nothing compared to an actual bird.

  • Brian's avatar

    When I was going to a lot of trap shoots, there would be people who would bring their young dogs and stand clear back and slowly work closer to all the shooting all the time praising their dogs to get them used to the sound of gunshots.

  • Craig's avatar

    Start with shooting a 22 while she is eating or banging 2×4s together around her when she is distracted

  • Christian's avatar

    @Robert Forrest I kept a few wings from the dove I killed over the weekend I froze them though didn’t dry them.

  • Jackie's avatar

    Desensitize her to the gun first if it's the sight of it, just give her treats/praise when she's calm around it/investigating it. Then just keep rewarding her at smaller and smaller distances of hearing it go off.

  • Jackie's avatar

    But it sounds like you're doing all of the right things, might just take some extra time!

  • Eddie's avatar

    Probably started a little bit late with her take someone with you and hold her on a leash , use low power shells and pet her when you shoot and give a treat make a big deal out of it and really praise her she will come around shoot at feeding time ever day when you can, not right over her but near her

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Avid hunter and fisher. Love tying fly’s shooting a bow and being in the woods. God first. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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