Tracking and Finding a Wounded Doe: A Colorblind Hunter's Challenge

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Whitetail Doe

  • muzzleloader
  • ladder stand
    setup type
  • private
    land type
  • 30
    distance (yards)
  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    Good job on that recovery!!

  • Derek's avatar

    @Gobbler thank you! It was all God and luck, because I know I wasn't seeing any blood. I'm still not convinced she was bleeding a whole lot anyways though, but it's very possible she was.

  • Chuck's avatar

    Well done!

  • Derek's avatar

    @Chuck thank you, sir!

  • Casi's avatar

    Nice! Glad you got tagged out!

  • Derek's avatar

    @Casi thanks!

  • Dave's avatar

    Way to stick with it I am relentless at not giving up. I have found a couple of deer which hadn’t bleed at all. I’ve also lost deer that bled substantially. You just never know. I also know how you felt with that muzzleloader cloud blocking out the exiting direction of your deer. I’ve been fortunate that three of my muzzleloader kills were dropped where they were hit. Anyway big congratulations to you !!

  • Derek's avatar

    @Dave thank you! It was very confusing there at first. Rollercoaster of emotion. Wondering how I missed such an easy shot, then finding blood, then trying to track and then finally just kind of more or less walking right up on her. It was a lot.

  • Wesley's avatar

    I’m color blind as well. It’s such a stressful ordeal when you have the rely on your buddy haha. “Do you see blood” do you see any? Haha.

  • Derek's avatar

    @Wesley I hate it so much because I feel like I'm in the way and I know I can't help at all. But, I guess it's better than being alone like today.

  • Wesley's avatar

    @Derek YES!!!!! Haha congratulations.

  • Derek's avatar

    @Wesley thank you!

  • Josh's avatar

    Can’t wait to hear about it on the podcast!

  • Mike's avatar

    Congrats again man, she looks like a nice sized Susie

  • Wade's avatar

    Congratulations brother!

  • Derek's avatar

    @Josh thank you!

  • Derek's avatar

    @Mike she'll definitely provide quite a few meals. There were some bigger ones in the pack, but she's the only one who gave me a shot.

  • Derek's avatar

    @Wade thank you!

  • Mike's avatar

    @Derek smart men take the bird in the hand👊

  • John's avatar


  • Derek's avatar

    @John thank you.

  • Jon's avatar

    Good for you. I want to get maybe two more and ask at church who might need some protein. My wife works with a person who can use some help. From Gods outdoors to the blessings of our labor. Enjoy

  • Derek's avatar

    @Jon thank you, sir.

  • Jon's avatar

    Man you gotta love it when the leaves turn red.

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Derek T


3rd District Director for Kentucky Chapter of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. Part time employee at GoWild and full time Firefighter/EMT. I have a passion for all things hunting, fishing, trapping and the outdoors as a whole.

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