Top Snack Ideas for Long Tree Sits: How to Stay Scent-Free and Satisfied

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    Peanut butter and banana on whatever type of wrap you happen to like. Sometimes I will crumble up bacon in there too. Sweet, salty, relatively calorie dense and all around tasty. Stays together pretty well for a long day in a bag and in different temperature ranges.

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    @Eric that sounds amazing, are you worried about deer smelling it thou? I was thinking about a pb&j, I feel like even if they do smell it it may be an attractant

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    @Tyler I’ve honestly never thought about the scent having negative impact. Bacon maybe, being cooked meat, but peanut butter, banana and the wrap themselves all seem like scents that would make a deer curious if anything. Full transparency here, I am pretty new to hunting and am certainly no expert. I sort of impulsively responded with my “go-to” when spending a day in the field. I did post about it once on here and folks seemed to like the idea and nobody brought up the idea of the smell scaring deer off. That obviously doesn’t mean anything though. I’d be interested to see what others say on here. Worst case scenario, you now know of a good snack to take on hikes, shed hunting, or other outdoor adventures I suppose.

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    I’ve eaten protein bars and had deer come within 10 yards never had a issue with smell personally

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    @Eric that sounds dang good thou, I may be just overthinking things

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    @Luke my cousin eats pop tarts and stuff and kills deer, I always thought he’s crazy but we both kill deer but I’m hungry and he’s not ha so I may try the protein bars

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    I second the pb and j or fruit like apples. I also think that if the deer is smelling your food then they are downwind of you anyways. It’s impossible to be 100% scent free so the best we can do is play the wind

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    @Brian that definitely makes sense

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    Protein bars and peanut butter snack crackers, but I always take everything out of the package and just put it on a ziplock or wrap it in paper towel. The noise opening those crackers/bars can be heard across the state lol

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    Apples :)

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