Top Shotgun Light Mounts for Nighttime Coyote Hunting

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    I’m not sure how well it works for that application, but I know Streamlight just came out with a new forend light that fits the Mossberg 500/590 and the Remi 870.

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    There are so many options out there. I like the lights with the noiseless pressure switches to turn light on and off. Have some fun when you do your research, it might help you determine or change your stategy.

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    @Michael I have a headlight and ive killed a couple coyotes and one at night my state is a shotgun only state so and i havent seen many mounts for a light on a shotgun

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    @Steven im trying to find the website for you i bought stuff off a while ago. They have every! Mounts for AR, archery, shotgun, varuous flashlights that you can chabge from green to red etc....

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    A friend holds the light. That’s the best way.

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    @Coyote I need more friends who hunt 😂

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Volley fireman, operating engineer, hunting and fishing north NJ and PA occasionally traveling. Big cowboys fan wanna be Texan

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