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  • Bobby's avatar

    Everyone misses

  • Natural's avatar


  • Noah's avatar

    If it’s a fawn it’s gone

  • Nate's avatar

    Can’t eat the antlers

  • Harold's avatar

    Got it done

  • Peter's avatar

    Was able to make it happen

  • Bradley's avatar

    Hitlist 😁 orrrrr I know he’s not the biggest.

  • Aidan's avatar

    Shot looked a little

  • Aidan's avatar

    Shot looked a little back

  • DJ's avatar

    Moved just as I squeezed the trigger

  • Tom's avatar

    “I made a perfect shot”

  • Cole's avatar


  • Nathan's avatar

    Shoot the spots off of it

  • Wade's avatar

    Why’d you shoot that

  • Casey's avatar

    Can't gettem if you don't shoot.

  • Casey's avatar

    Should have let it grow another year.

  • Casey's avatar

    Not the one I was shooting at.

  • Brian's avatar

    I have 3 years of “history” with this buck

  • Dan's avatar

    (Shot the buck)He’s not the biggest I’ve seen walk by

  • Kevin's avatar

    Don't pass up on a buck the first day that you wouldn't take on the last day.

  • Kevin's avatar

    "Don't pass on a buck the first day that you would take on the last day."

  • Mike's avatar


  • Dallas's avatar

    Red carpet.

  • Calvin's avatar

    Let the air out of that joker

  • Todd's avatar


  • Calvin's avatar

    Took that ol tank to the bank with a meat shank

  • Joe's avatar

    Freezer Queen

  • Korbin's avatar

    @Bradley definitely when someone says I know he’s not the biggest!!!

  • Korbin's avatar

    @Dan yes that’s annoying for sure

  • Joe's avatar

    When someone says ( I usually just cut the back straps out) That drives me insane!

  • Coyote's avatar

    Dropped in his tracks.

  • Stephen's avatar

    Saw a buck at 85 yards. Let him walk.

  • Shane's avatar

    He’s a TOAD….drives me nuts.

  • Max's avatar

    Take your time and make a good shot like what do you think I’m trying to do miss

  • Bobby's avatar


  • Bobby's avatar

    @Bobby but*

  • Bobby's avatar

    Let’s go

  • Bradley's avatar

    @Korbin I always want to scream Just be PROUD of your deer!

  • Appalachian's avatar

    I always love when Bubba says, " All the bucks are on LockDown In my Area " 🤣🤣 while sitting over a half fermented corn pile with zero hours of scouting 🤣

  • Thomas's avatar

    Smoked ‘‘em like a pack of cools

  • Korbin's avatar

    @Bradley exactly!!

  • Travis's avatar

    "Buck are rutting early this yr"

  • Jim's avatar

    Thanks a lot! I guess I'll need to go to therapy now because I'm pretty sure I've said a few of those! Way to make me feel self conscious. 😂 😆 I guess I'll just eat tag soup! Dang it, I said another one!

  • Kyle's avatar

    "He was 1,000 yards away but I 'let' him pass"

  • Justin's avatar

    All the above. Y’all hit it on the head.

  • Joe's avatar

    12 ringed it!

  • Bobby's avatar

    We’ll just see what happens

  • Greg's avatar

    Doe Patrole!

  • Chuck's avatar

    BBD drives me nuts for some reason

  • From Field's avatar

    @Chuck big black what now drives you nuts gagagah

  • Dan's avatar

    “Smoked him” is my top 😂

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Jeremiah Doughty, Wild game chef, outdoors writer, Husband, father and Christ follower. The real trophy is not the head on your wall, but the meat on your plate.

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