Top Hunting Destinations: Dream Hunts, Ideal Weapons

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  • T's avatar

    Yukon moose bow hunting. Although I am probably too old to handle it now. 😏

  • Zachary's avatar

    @T that would be an incredible hunt!

  • Zach's avatar

    Saskatchewan whitetail with a rifle…I’ve got too many to actually choose which caliber, but maybe my 7mm Weatherby Mag that was handed down to me from my grandad.

  • Wade's avatar

    Ocellated turkey in the Yucatán peninsula

  • Zachary's avatar

    @Zach cool hunt with a cooler gun!

  • John's avatar

    @Wade I’m with you on that one there really cool

  • Casey's avatar

    🏹Archery Mako shark in the middle of the Pacific ocean

  • Zachary's avatar

    @Casey send pics!!!!

  • John's avatar

    @Casey I’d take that boat ride with you

  • Darren's avatar

    Leopards with hounds in Africa using a 45-70 or Red Stag during the rut in Ireland with a .308. Either would be awesome, the Stag hunt I likely will do sometime in the next 5 years

  • Casey's avatar

    @Zachary if I can get to it there'll be plenty. 🤞🏼🤞🏼

  • Zeb's avatar

    7mag Wyoming / Montana

  • Zach's avatar

    Elk anywhere with a bow

  • Tyler's avatar

    Yukon moose browning lever action.308

  • Scotty's avatar

    New Zealand, red stag, bow preferably.

  • Zachary's avatar

    @Zach my dream

  • Lee's avatar

    Black bear

  • Ryan's avatar

    500 years ago in Northern California-Bay Area/Humboldt/Trinity/Sierras with bow/spear. The Bay Area had to be amazing for game with just the natives living there.

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Love all things outdoors! Father of 3 beautiful girls! Husband! Full time hvac tech! Outside hunting or fishing every chance I get!!

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