Top Everyday Carry Handguns: Glock vs. CZ - What's Your Go-To?

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  • Brad's avatar

    SIG P365 or my North American Arms .22 when the SIG shows too much.

  • Chris's avatar

    Nice group!! I carry the shield everyday and the Glock 19x if I’m going to Unknown places

  • Wicked's avatar

    @Brad solid go to and alternate!

  • Wicked's avatar

    @Chris thanks man! I agree, unknown places = more, bigger rounds….

  • John's avatar

    Sig sauer p365 edc or when hunting .40 px4 storm

  • Annie's avatar

    I carry carry Roger 22 bull barrel

  • Rich's avatar

    I am a Springfield fan. Springfilpeld XD subcompact 9mm.

  • Tim's avatar

    IWB Glock 36 deep undercover is a S&W m&p shield in a urban carry G3

  • Richard's avatar

    Springfield XD 357 sig

  • 217's avatar

    Smith and wesson m&p shield

  • Wicked's avatar

    Trustworthy model!

  • Wicked's avatar

    @217 trustworthy model!

  • Wicked's avatar

    @Richard Springfield XD! What a comfortable pistol

  • Wicked's avatar

    @Dave Henson love it!

  • Wicked's avatar


  • Wicked's avatar

    @Annie awesome carry choice, share a pic some time!

  • James's avatar

    Glock 19 or a Bond arms .410

  • Wicked's avatar

    @James Derringer huh - nice!

  • James's avatar

    @Wicked 2 shots , 10 balls

  • Wicked's avatar

    @James 💪🏼💪🏼

  • Coyote's avatar

    Taurus PT99 and a 1st gen Glock 19 with a Storm lake extended 2 port match grade barrel.

  • Wicked's avatar

    @Coyote Those will do!!

  • Coyote's avatar

    I carry both of them every day.

  • Wicked's avatar

    @Coyote I like it💪🏼

  • Mitchell's avatar

    springfield hellcat with red dot sight

  • Tyler's avatar

    I’m a shield .40 kinda guy. I want to be a 5.7x28 kinda guy

  • Jacob's avatar


  • Brian's avatar

    Carry g26 or g43 depending on daily function

  • Wicked's avatar

    @Mitchell love that

  • Wicked's avatar

    @Tyler 😆💪🏼

  • Wicked's avatar

    @Jacob Sweet!

  • Wicked's avatar

    @Brian Awesome

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