Top Budget-Friendly and Versatile Camouflage Patterns for Hunting

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    Sitting still

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    I like First Lite personally. Lightweight and it dries quick.

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    Mix it up with RT Edge and Mossy Oak depending on the environment I'm heading into and depends on the time year. Right now I'm hunting in heavy hardwoods and northeast WI is at peak fall color so mostly Mossy Oak. As the leaves drop I'm in those same areas in RT Edge.

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    @Robert I’d love some but that would be out of my budget

  • Brian's avatar

    Blue jeans and army surplus jacket works for me.

  • Robert's avatar

    @Ozarkansas gotcha. Another one that comes at a good price point is Treeyzn.

  • Thomas's avatar

    Huntworth Tarnen

  • Brayden's avatar

    I like under armour and badlands’ approach patterns

  • Paul's avatar

    Realtree everything for me. Gonna be saving for that origin camo eventually though.

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    Nomad is decently priced. If you have a rural king or Gabes store near you they have Lincoln camo. I got bibs and a jacket for $120

  • Adam's avatar

    Find something comfortable, quiet, and warm then buy it after season when it is on sale. Pattern doesn't really matter.

  • CJ's avatar

    Real tree Excape

  • Ozarkansas's avatar

    @Christopher I’ve got a set of excape the native pre dawn set I believe.

  • Ozarkansas's avatar

    @Brian that’s how my dad killed most of his😂

  • Brian's avatar

    @Ozarkansas that's how I have been doing it for over 50 years.

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Love anything to get me outside. Gunlover and bullet junky. Proud hillbilly, Army 11B veteran. Husband and father. #ozarkansas

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