Top Bow Picks for the Hunting Season: Share Your Favorite!

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  • Ga's avatar

    Elite encore

  • Jostin's avatar

    @K I have the elite ember!

  • Casey's avatar

    Mathews DXT currently favorite is probably whatever's next, likely a traditional.

  • CJ's avatar

    Bear Legit

  • John's avatar

    Mathews Halon 32 🏹 Favorite is either that bow, my monster MR7 , z7 or Bear agenda 7. Seems like no matter what I shoot & really like its going to have 7” brace height 🤷‍♂️

  • David's avatar

    I have always shot PSE and still going to but going to try something new this year. Going with bowtech. Have also seen alot of awesome reveiws on elite and bear so may have to try them out to.

  • Jeff's avatar

    Cabela's Insurgent

  • Casey's avatar

    @David I really like my money maker but I thought the Evo shot awesome for a hunting rig.

  • Ben's avatar

    Matthews V3

  • Cowboy's avatar

    The bow that I have right now is a PSE Altera. It a pretty nice bow. It was between this and the Mathews V3X 33” (they were the only bows available for my draw length). I think that i like the Mathews a little more, but it was way out of my price range. But, I do love my PSE.

  • Corey's avatar

    Elite Impulse 34. But I plan on getting a Bowtech soon.

  • Joe's avatar

    Hoyt RX5

  • Jim's avatar

    Mathew’s traverse. Liked it much more than the Hoyt axius ultra

  • Steven's avatar

    Bowtech revolt and samick discovery/r3 limbs

  • Jacob's avatar

    Diamond Deploy by Bowtech

  • Wade's avatar

    Bowtech experience

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