Top Books and Documentaries for Becoming a Better Christian Outdoorsman

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    I’m not sure of any off hand but I enjoy listening to Phil Robertson and enjoy watching the element guys on YouTube. Buck ventures is a good one to watch and Don Higgins isn’t afraid to share his faith on his podcasts

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    Lee ellis seek one on you tube is also good. The primos boys are great too

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    “God , guns and Rock n Roll “ by Ted Nugent

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  • Drew's avatar

    @William the link I posted is a great devotional for outdoorsmen. Also “the warrior poet way” is a great one that just now came out.

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    I highly recommend the Unashamed podcast with Phil, Al and Jase Robertson if you don’t already listen to it! They also have written a lot of good books.

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    @Luke Also the Duck Call Room with Si, Godwin, JD, and Martin is another good one.

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    Wild at heart by John Eldredge

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    The wild Brothers docs r pretty cool. Not all about hunting though

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    Also the riot and the dance is a good one

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    @Samuel that’s a good one

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William W


I enjoy hunting waterfowl, deer, small game as well as spin-cast and fly fishing both fresh and saltwater species . I’ve never killed a deer though, I’m still working on that challenge. I have small property for deer hunting and I’m still very inexperienced and am learning through trial by error sometimes. I’ve killed a few ducks and geese here and there.

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