Top Backpacks for Saddle Hunting and Sticks: Expert Recommendations

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    I used the Sitka tool bucket this year. I originally bought this pack because it separated and I could strap my lone wolf stand to the frame and the pack to the stand. It works just as well with strapping my saddle platform to the back and sticks on the side.

  • Mike's avatar

    I picked up 2. One is just a cheap one off Amazon and it’s been great for a couple years now. But recently I picked up the tide we pack back. Works well for saddle hunting, inexpensive, built well.

  • Craig's avatar

    I use the mystery ranch pop up 28 its worked really well for me.

  • Justin's avatar

    @Gordon Thank you for sharing. what about it carrying your sticks?

  • Justin's avatar

    @Mike heck yeah, thanks for sharing! I’ll check out the tide

  • Jim's avatar

    eberlestock x2 pack works well for me. Holds the sticks and platform tight.

  • Gordon's avatar

    @Justin they are attached with the side straps. It’s hard to see them in the picture.

  • Blue River's avatar

    Palisade from @Trophyline

  • Brayden's avatar

    I roll with a badlands diablo vt but there are a ton of great options above. Kinda comes down to what ya wanna spend and how far/how long you’ll be hiking.

  • Justin's avatar

    @Brayden solid recommendation! Thank you.

  • Justin's avatar

    @Gordon okay cool! Thank you

  • Justin's avatar

    @Jim I will check it out! Thank you

  • Mike's avatar

    @Justin I’ll find you the link for the one I use. If you’d like pm me and I’ll show you how I set up my pack. It’s worked very efficiently the past 3 years and it’s all on a good budget

  • Dan's avatar

    I have a trophy line, the smaller pack. Holds everything I need and more

  • Dave's avatar

    XOP has a pretty nice one. Won’t break the bank either. haha

  • Not sure how much your wanting to pack. I recommend either the C.A.Y.S, the Platow or the Palisade pack from TrophyLine. I own the Platow which is a Fanny pack style pack that has straps for carrying your sticks plus platform as does the Palisade. The Palisade has an EVA bucket fill compartment that holds a ton. I can even help you save some money at TL by using code FITO10

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