Reflections of a Year Well-Lived

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  • Derek's avatar

    Incredible year, my friend. It was great to finally meet you this year. Looking forward to the next time we can meet up. Stay safe and stay wild in 23!

  • Tom's avatar

    @Derek yes sir. Putting faces to names gives a perspective and understanding to all the posts and stories I have been enjoying. 👊💪

  • Donovan's avatar

    Heckuva year Tom 👊

  • Tom's avatar

    @Donovan It was great to meet you this past summer. Need to make it an annual thing.

  • Donovan's avatar

    @Tom agreed. Let’s do it again this year 🍻

  • Lisa's avatar

    I completely enjoyed reading that! What a year! The smoker looks great. Those turkey calls have me puzzled on how one gets it to produce the sound needed (Maybe I'll dig thru some YouTube videos and learn 🤔). And congratulations to Chris (it is Chris, yes?) on his graduation! That's awesome! You and your wife are so blessed, and I name you and many others off by name during my prayers. Sure, sometimes I fall asleep and oops, don't get that far 😮‍💨🤦‍♀️😉. So thankful you made it thru the cancer scare. You are tough!
    Here is to an amazing 2023 for you & your family!🎉

  • Mike's avatar

    Heckuva year for sure Tom. Here’s to an even better 2023, especially one with no health scares💪👊

  • Tom's avatar

    @Lisa I very much appreciate being in your prayers. Chris finally decided he was going to finish and once he makes up his mind it will get done. Think of the turkey call as fingernails on a chalk board in a controlled way. Hope your 2023 is as wonderful as you are to this platform.

  • Tom's avatar

    @Mike thank you Mike. Hope your year is a blessed one as well. I paid my health dues this year. Should be good for a while.

  • Lisa's avatar

    @Tom I see (nails on a chalkboard). Interesting to create a 🦃call!
    Appreciate your kind words!

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Tom D


First big game hunt was woodland caribou and a cow moose in Newfoundland at the age of 41. My son has been raised to respect and appreciate the hunting lifestyle. Cooking game has been the frosting on the hunting cake.

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