To Shoot or Pass? Deciding on a Buck Tag in December with Fall Obsession

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    Shooter for sure!!!!

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    Shoot the one that’s there, don’t wait for the one that’s not. Lots of tags have been eaten waiting for the one that could have been.

  • Nate's avatar

    Shoot no question

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    Shoot it!

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    Don’t pass on something that would make you happy to get on the last day.

  • Josh's avatar

    No question, shoot.

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    Bang bang!

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    Too young. Needs another year! 😀

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    I’m shooting the guy on the left, regardless of what day of the season it is, or if it’s my last buck tag or not. Granted, I don’t live in a fantasy land state that has 140s behind every tree and nor do I own 1000 acres where I can let deer walk and live, fully knowing I’ll see them next year and the year after.. lol

  • Shoot

  • David's avatar

    100% shoot

  • Donny's avatar

    I'm letting an arrow fly

  • Brett's avatar

    Shoot get rid of bad genetics

  • Paul's avatar

    Shoot it!! Fire in the hole!!!

  • Todd's avatar

    Most people I know will not see a deer that big in 5 seasons. I would shoot first day, last day, all day.

  • Jon's avatar

    I was just wondering when we see the trophy pic…shoot!

  • Josh's avatar

    Let er eat!

  • Nicholas's avatar

    Send it!

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  • Blake's avatar

    Shooting that buck if I see it on the first day of archery

  • James's avatar

    That's a shoot!

  • Adam's avatar

    I shoot bucks like that in my dreams all the time.

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    Depends on how late your season goes. If it’s almost done and there’s a chance he can make it another year. Might be worth letting him walk

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    No way I let a 8pt like that go.

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    I’m letting one fly!

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    Shoot. Don’t run the risk

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  • Michael's avatar


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    Choot em

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    Done son

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    Let r eat

  • Stephen's avatar

    I wish I had that opportunity... feel like I'll be eating "any" plus "antlerless " tag soup this year!

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    Which one cause either one of those 2 would be the biggest I personally would ever get a shot at.

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    Send it

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    Never pass on the first day what you’d gladly shoot on the last. SHOOT HIM!

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    The year I'm having I'd be happy with the smaller of the 2 lol

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    Definitely shoot

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    Im a bit behind but this is my 2021 utah limited entry mule deer

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    Shoot em

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    The smaller buck in that picture has more inches of antler on ONE SIDE, than the average Vermonter will see in a whole season of deer hunting. His fork horn baby brother would have gotten a 245gr powerbelt this morning if I had seen him.

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    I live and hunt north Indiana, so thats a shooter all day! Even on day 1! lol

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    Shoot. I’m desperate right now. Ft.Bragg deer are small.

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    Shoot without hesitation

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    Wait until the little guy behind him clears.

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