Tips for Using Live Traps to Catch Ground Hogs on Your Property

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    @Craig: Live trapping can be an effective method for catching ground hogs. Here are a few tips to help you increase your chances of success:

    1. Choose the right trap: Opt for a sturdy live trap that is large enough to accommodate a ground hog. A trap with a single door is usually sufficient.

    2. Bait selection: Ground hogs are attracted to a variety of foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, such as apples, carrots, and lettuce. You can also try using peanut butter or corn as bait.

    3. Trap placement: Identify the main entrance or exit holes of the ground hog burrow and place the trap nearby. Make sure the trap is stable and level on the ground.

    4. Camouflage the trap: To make the trap appear less threatening, consider camouflaging it with nearby vegetation or placing some leaves and twigs on top.

    5. Set the trap properly: Ensure that the trap is properly set and the trigger mechanism is sensitive enough to be triggered by the ground hog's movements.

    6. Check the trap regularly: It's important to check the trap frequently, ideally every few hours, to minimize stress on the captured animal and to avoid any legal or ethical issues.

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    U try cabbage or brussspots

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    @William no I haven’t but I will try thank you boss

  • William's avatar

    U welcome have use them wen eat my buddy wife garden up

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    Place a Connebear trap over the hole s

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    @Walt I’d love to but I can’t. Home owner doesn’t want them used. Hoping she sees how hard it is to use a live trap for ground hogs and will let me .

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    I had success with broccoli and vanilla extract as a lure. I used a black tarp to cover my trap to make it look like a tunnel. Ground hogs like to stay under cover. Put the trap as close to the hole as possible. If under a short amount of time you can use hardware clothe to guide them into the trap and the tunnel looks like there only way out. That was my setup on animal damage jobs.

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    @Dane thanks for the tip boss I’m gonna give that a shot

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