Tips for Successful Daylight Deer Hunting: Morning or Evening?

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    Try to find out where he’s bedding and get between that and food. The rut may get him acting silly. Don’t know when your gun season is but with more folks out it may push him out.

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    Decoy and scent. If the buck feels like there is a bigger buck around he will go on his round more and mark his territory. Use peanut butter and spread it on some trees that helps to use it when you get there in the morning he will check it out.

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    Food, bedding, water. Where there's girl's boys aren't far. Don't let any know that you are around

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    Like others have said, prior to the rut try to get between him bedding and feeding area. During early phase of the rut I like to hunt near doe bedding areas because the bucks will either be checking the does or tending one. During the secondary rut we have around here I like to hunt over scrapes because there are fewer receptive does so the bucks often check scrapes more often as there are fewer does available. That said, some bucks stay nocturnal anyway. I hunted the same buck for two years and he was nocturnal that whole time. Finally, he messed up one early morning last season and stayed out past sunrise…. His one mistake cost him.

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    @Jose a buck decoy or doe decoy ?.

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    @Bhunter buck

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