Tips for a Successful Archery Antelope Hunt: Getting Close to that Buck

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    1- find them
    2- find their water
    3- setup blind or get into position at or between them and their water
    4- wait

    If finding their water isn't possible due to boundaries the list is

    1- find them
    2- watch them till dark and pick a ambush spot (hopefully on their way to watering hole you can't setup on)
    3- get there 0 dark 30 to setup close to where you saw them last while playing the wind best as possible
    4- setup and wait
    5- make adjustments if needed at daylight

  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    I’ve seen people use decoys to get in range.

  • Sage's avatar

    @RKE I have decoys and they get intrigued by them but never come in any closer then 100 yards

  • Sage's avatar

    @Michael that what I thought would be a good idea problem is where I’m hunting there’s a lot watering holes

  • Jeff's avatar

    A blind of some sort, and a decoy

  • Michael's avatar

    @Sage spend a morning and evening watching which hole is the more chosen. Then setup blind or yourself in the vicinity.
    Like other said a decoy is great too.
    If you plan to crawl stalk them I saw a guy a few years back get within 20 yards of a couple loners with a bow and one of those Montana Decoys things in open field area.

  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    @Sage I realize and concede that everything works differently in the movies, but I have seen videos where guys will use the decoy to cover their movement to get within range; not just use the decoy to try and draw them in.

  • William's avatar

    If you figure it out, message me! I leave for South Dakota next week Wednesday. Never hunted Pronghorn, it will be a learning experience I think 🤔

  • Gerald's avatar

    From my experience I like using the terrain to my advantage.. yes it’s bare ground but there’s hills and high points and I like to go around to the backside and use the hill to my advantage to get as close as possible.. I’m a rifle hunter though archery is gonna be a lot tougher

  • Sage's avatar

    @Gerald bad thing is where I’m hunting there’s no hills it’s nothing but flat ground with sagebrush and cactus and the cactus isn’t tall enough to hide behind

  • Gerald's avatar

    @Sage A blind at a water hole may work good.. early morning hunting before they get nervous and start moving… maybe using draws/ creek beds and other low points to stalk closer. Always a challenge

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