Ruger #1: Optic Suggestions?

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  • Scotty's avatar

    As for magnification I’m not really the guy to talk to. But brands, you cannot beat vortex for their ridiculous lifetime Real lifetime warranty. That scope gets damaged, they replace it.

  • Dylan's avatar

    I would build the rifle setup to meet the demands of your average shooting distance. I am a big fan of Vortex optics as well. Lots of options to choose from so it really just depends on the scenarios you will be shooting in.

  • Jake's avatar

    Vortex have been great for me. I have scopes, range finder, binos. Love them all. Warranted is great too.

  • Tim's avatar

    @Dylan Hey Dylan, I plan on this guy to be used on close in stuff here in Michigan. The 450 isn’t known as a long range gun so I’m thinking about a red dot or a low power long eye relief . Just curious if anyone has done a similar set up

  • Cody's avatar

    @Tim the .350 isn’t a long range gun but I can confirm the .450 has plenty of knockdown at 250+. With that being said I have a vortex crossfire II on mine

  • Darren's avatar

    Might check out Nikon, they make a scope that’s got the reticles already dialed in to the .450 bushmaster round. Sight it in at a 100 and every dot down is 50 yards. I’ve had mine for about five years and it’s a great scope, tack driver out 200+ yards

  • Tim's avatar

    @Darren thanks I’ll check into it

  • Tim's avatar

    @Darren FYI Nikon no longer makes Rifle scopes apparently

  • Darren's avatar

    No kidding?! Well in that case I’d say go with the Vortex lol

  • Mason's avatar

    Vortex 👍

  • Dylan's avatar

    Check out the Vortex Razor and Strike Eagle. There are several options for both of those depending on price range. The 1-10x24 or 1-8x24 might be a good option. Still gives you ability to use it like a red dot while having the capability to zoom quickly. The reticle is also etched and illuminated!!

  • Tim's avatar

    @Dylan went through the vortex web site they have very few scopes in 1” main tube diameter which is what came w the rifle from Ruger

  • Kim's avatar

    If you want quick acquisition at close ranges I don't think you can beat a red dot site.

  • Tim's avatar

    @Kim Hello Kim, the problem I ran into was main tube diameter, The rings that came from Ruger are 1" and I don't recall a red dot that would fit (yes I'm being cheep not try to spend a addition 100 bucks for bigger rings) I went with a "LEUPOLD VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20 1in MOA-Ring" that seemed to offer what I was looking for. Thanks for the input

  • Matt's avatar

    Vortex or leupold

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