Tick Caution: My Story

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  • John's avatar

    My worst fear right there! I spray all my gear with Sawyers with premitherine and it’s works great!

  • Joseph's avatar

    They are nasty bugs. I stepped in a nest of them a few years back. Thankfully they were in the nymph stage so they had met had the first feed yet. My son and I had hundreds of bites on us. Me mostly as I went first. Sucked. Thankfully no issues. Now I use so much permitherin and off spray I might as well drink it (I don’t drink it lol)

  • Jerry's avatar

    My Dad has a similar story of what happens to him. He was just diagnosed with Lymes from after they assumed it was initially the new variant of Covid. He never knew he was bit. He has never sprayed, and never took much care to do checks either despite always being in areas with massive tick populations right now. He still keeps losing feeling in his hands and sometimes his fingers stop working effectively. We also had a friend almost die from it on her family couch. As it was setting in, she couldn’t move very well from joint issues. Then set in lock jaw, and shortly after she was starting to struggle to breath. She barely got to the hospital in time, and her doctors are pretty sure she will develop MS in the future because of how badly it attacked her system. Glad to hear you are getting the help you need though!

  • Pat's avatar

    I hate ticks! Thanks for sharing, they seem to get worse in KY every year

  • Brian's avatar

    A friend of mine had to cut out red meat all together. Terrible!

  • Eddie's avatar

    @Brian that was my fear. We survive year ‘round on the deer I kill. Have hardly bought meat in over 3 years now. So, red meat is a large staple in the family diet. The doctor did tell me that I can continue to eat it but I have to be very mindful of the reaction I have to it. If it gets worse then I will have to cut it out.

  • Eddie's avatar

    @John that’s what I use as well. The mistake I suppose I made in it was only spraying around my boots and bottom of my pants legs mostly.

  • Eddie's avatar

    @Pat I’ve noticed a major increase in them here in Alabama over the past couple of years. Turkey season was absolutely awful with them this year.

  • T's avatar

    See my previous post about permethrin use. Go to Tractor Supply for the concentrate. Saves a ton of money over using Sawyers. Made it through the entire 6 weeks of turkey season without a single tick bite.

  • Eddie's avatar

    @T awesome, I will definitely check that out!

  • Thomas's avatar

    My story is like yours with RMSF. Anyway you’ll be getting a call from the state wanting to know about your symptoms apparently they keep records on how many cases and how bad your symptoms are

  • Eddie's avatar

    @Thomas yeah my doctor already told me that the health department would be contacting me about it so I’m expecting it at any time

  • Billy's avatar

    @Eddie agreed. I had about ten on me after one sit during Turkey season. One got me good on my side. Big red knot came up and about a month to go away. I didn’t have any issues though. It did itch bad.

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