Thunder Chicken Serenades: A Springtime Ritual for Turkey Hunting Enthusiasts

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    Our season started this past weekend, got my old man on a nice one opening morning and we have 1 or 2 more long beards that have been hanging around!

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    @Rick The bad part is that our season opener isn't until April 26th here in Indiana.

  • Rick's avatar

    @David dang you got some time to go. My season will be long gone by then and I’ll be impatiently waiting on deer and gator season to start. Hope you have a good season!

  • David's avatar

    @Rick yes sir I do. Our season runs April 26th through May 14th. When your birds are already hammerin like this every morning and evening though, April 26th feels like it's a year away!

  • Rick's avatar

    @David this was out my back window about 2 hours ago

  • David's avatar

    @Rick You just can't ask for a better field of battle to meet upon than your own back yard! I have family in the Spring Hill area. One day I'll definitely get me one of those gorgeous Osceolas!

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    Taking a youth hunter out tomorrow. Scouted today and saw nice gobbler and two jakes but they weren’t gobbling. Hope they gobble tomorrow for the young gun.

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David M


I'm a Southern Indiana outdoor addict! It's a way of life in my family. Hunting, fishing, foraging, flint napping, bushcraft etc. You name it, I probably do it.

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