The Thrill of Shooting My First Deer/Hog: A Nervous but Memorable Moment

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    First deer in the 70s. Not nervous because I was trying to make a kill shot. Didn’t want to miss.

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    Nervous then super excited because it was a small 6 pt. that ran out of the woods when someone else shot at another deer 🦌

  • Liam's avatar

    @Kleen that would have my adrenaline pumping for sure!

  • Kleen's avatar

    @Liam My 1st hog was even worse… I was headed back to the truck and saw 2 of them. My toughest shot so far.

  • Liam's avatar

    @Kleen free handed?

  • Kleen's avatar

    @Liam yea at about 80 yards uphill

  • Liam's avatar

    @Kleen nice!

  • Kleen's avatar

    @Liam Thanks 🙏🏾

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    I took my 1 st with bow at 10 yds straight down in 1976, with so much excitement its a wonder to be successful, 47 years later I still enjoy that excitement, if I didn’t Id stop hunting for sure. The respect for everything it entails is the fuel that keeps it alive

  • Liam's avatar

    @Kenneth well said

  • Benjamin's avatar

    When I killed my first deer my heart was racing. It was a 300 or so yard shot and I’d never taken a shot that far. I nailed it. Didn’t run 25 yards

  • Liam's avatar

    @Benjamin nice,I killed my first buck from 175yds and dropped it!nothing like it!

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