The Problem with Letting Public Opinion Decide: Colorado Wolf Reintroduction

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    Well said!

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    I had a talk year ago w a guy on other side of an area behind my cabins in Fairbanks about taking cow moose He was adamant that it was a horrible idea. It is still contentious with so many hunters that only bull moose should get taken. I don’t get how people can’t get that it’s a good management strategy to keep a balanced population. I’m now in Knoxville area, and while I acknowledge I’m not hunting prime area, the ratio of bucks(very small) to does tells me there’s an issue. Are we we losing the the point of this? I started hunting blacktail deer in SE Alaska for meat when I was young. It’s still my goal. As much as I love watching all the hunting shows, that’s not my reality. I’m just trying to put some meat in the freezer

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    Well said!!!

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    I'm sad to see this happen in my state. I voted no wolves unfortunately city people/non hunters have no idea what this will impact big game and the future of young hunters that might never be able to hunt again.

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    I don't know why Oregon thought it was good idea to give us wolves when Wyoming, Montana, Minn refuse to help capture wolves and bring it here. Colorado politicians and our own govern polis is too dumb to see how much damage wolves has done. Now they are trying to ban mountain lion and bobcat hunting here and try to put it on the ballot as well. I'm angry too. Colorado is not what it used to be. ☹️

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    Well said!! I see you’re in Montana. I know they’ve had the same misfortune of politicians and out of state politicians controlling their packs as well. They’ll get their way and then in ten years there won’t be enough big game to sustain hunting seasons. I say this with states like Idaho in mind. At least you can take a few up there though,just not enough. Don’t get me wrong though we do need balance. But just like you said, “educated “is the key word

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