The Importance of Hunting Safety Classes and Archery for Kids: Debunking Political Claims

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  • Elishia's avatar

    I don’t know about other states but in north ga we have rifle clubs at high schools where they have target shooting competitions. His administration can try to strip away funding and programs that is outdoorsmen and women love, but it’ll only go so far! There’s more that are FOR it than against it! I’d love to see the state/ counties find a way for the programs without his govt funding 🙄🙄🙄🙄 God help us if he gets another 4 years #notmypresident

  • Brad's avatar

    @Elishia there are definitely alternatives but it’s a blow to our lifestyle for sure

  • Spikes's avatar

    Did you know he is suing Texas over Texas efforts on boarder security?🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Brad's avatar

    @Spikes I saw the issue over the blocking of the river. I think Texas is going to lose that battle. It’s against the navigable waters rule in the clean water act, right?

  • Eric's avatar

    Believe it or not, here in NY many high schools have trap teams and the programs are growing in popularity. I’ll have to dig into the full story and see what impacts this might have on our local program.

  • Brad's avatar

    @Eric oh it’s huge now. Archery is growing rapidly fast.

  • Tom's avatar

    Maybe if his son Hunter spent time in the outdoors hunting, he wouldn’t have became a drug addict.

  • Spikes's avatar

    @Brad probably so but when you know that the federal government doesn’t like your governor and state you view it as political 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Eric's avatar

    @Spikes one of those “I don’t like what you’re doing, but I’m going to pretend it’s how you’re doing it that’s the issue” kind of things from my understanding of that case. Seems like the same way hunting rights, privileges and traditions get eroded away (couldn’t help but make that correlation, given the platform here).

  • John's avatar

    You shouldn't expect anything less out of this man. Worst president to ever hold office.

  • Kyle's avatar

    But they know what is best for us and our kids. Insert eye roll! This crap sucks.

  • Jeff's avatar

    So it's OK to force mandates, isolation, and several more issues that I won't mention. And it's not OK to teach kids self-confidence and how to build skills? I can guarantee that I'm not voting for any politician that is currently in office. It's time they go!

  • Brad's avatar

    @Jeff I have a list of politicians I’d like to see slapped with a term limit while we’re at it 😂

  • Jeff's avatar

    @Brad AMEN!!!

  • Eric's avatar

    @Brad that’s just one of many steps that should be taken to turn the industry that is modern politics into what it was supposed to be - people running for an office to serve the interests of the district they represent, whether a local municipal official all the way up to the President of the United States.

  • Mike's avatar

    Something REAALLLY needs to change with this country….

  • Shawn's avatar

    Don’t blame me I didn’t vote for him

  • David's avatar

    @Brad But they do not impede travel for either side traversing on each countries piece of the river. Splitting the water, with them being on our side of the river, is no different from the wall that they refuse to finish. Will Texas win? Depends on the precedent set, which I have no honest idea if there has ever been such a case, something I’m going to have to research when I’m back at work Monday. It’s absolutely silly, and showing of “that side’s” complete ignorance to clear fact that we are being, literally, invaded by foreign entities… I hope Texas wins, but yee have little to no faith in our justice system as it is today, sad and very disheartening. So, until all hell breaks loose, I’ll be in the woods, on the lakes, and in the fields doing what make a me happy and definitely makes me American. It’s going to take all of us to keep our God given right to our heritage alive every generation. I’m off the soapbox, gotta go adult for awhile and help the wifey..

  • Brad's avatar

    @David ah I didn’t think about the fact that it’s not impeding travel up and down the river. Interesting.

  • Gregg's avatar

    Wow, So much to rant and rave about with this train of thought. It is a simple fact that at some point children/kids are going to either have a firearm in their hands or be in close proximity of someone who does. Wouldn't it be slightly more comforting knowing that they have had some basic firearms training on how to properly handle them?

  • Ryan's avatar

    I recently started helping with a NASP program and received the news from the state coordinator yesterday. Afterward I asked a friend about it and he reached out to a friend on capital hill. This is his response:

  • Ryan's avatar

    I started helping with a local NASP program and received a heads up on this news yesterday from the state coordinator. After reaching out to a buddy who reached out to a buddy on capital hill this is what I received: “The Department of Education is misconstruing the language in the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. Senators John Cornyn (R-TX) and Thom Tillis (R-NC) were two of the original sponsors of that legislation last year, and are pressing the department to change their interpretation. No response yet, but this will 100% be challenged in court.”

  • Josh's avatar

    This is why I have my oldest starting the trap and skeet team this year as long as she can place. They have been shooting since 5-6 years old and know all the conditions and remedy’s. I feel better when I am not the only one in the house with firearms knowledge.

  • A.T's avatar

    Must get this bum out of office

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