The Importance of Hunters: Supporting Wildlife and Conservation

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    Thanks for your support for the hunting,fishing and entire outdoor community. Love this site! GOWILD

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    Love the lighting instruments! 👍🏻😉👌🏻

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    Great post @Brad. Keep up the good work. I really appreciate this app, as a safe place to post our (hunters) content and a quality hunting app. Thanks for all you do.

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    @Tom gotta work with what ya got 😂

  • Brad's avatar

    @Danny Neuhofer together, as a whole, we can all reach A LOT of people. We all have an important story to share. 👊

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    @Brad 100% done it a few times myself.

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    I love watching the nostrils flare when you explain that your hunting tag, guns, and even firewood permits do more for wildlife and habitat than any antihunting rally or lawsuit has. Then bring up taxing their backpacks, skis, or tents and oh boy.... Gold.

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    Well said! I’m glad to be part of this growing community.

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    Sad that people go to such extremes sometimes. I think it’s a pretty cool photo. Do you always pack a camera with you when you hunt solo?

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    @Patrick the fact the outdoor industry refuses to contribute like the hunting and fishing industries do speaks volumes

  • Brad's avatar

    @Justin no always and honestly the phones have gotten so good that I just rolled with that this year

  • I had a threat not long ago on one of my YouTube videos of a kid shooting a buffalo with a airgun, he said it’d be more fun to see us shot on video

  • Brad's avatar

    @Deep I’ve had those. Crazies.

  • @Brad

  • Sorry you've had to deal with death threats, that's terrible. But thank you for sticking by your convictions and creating a place where we can share our love of hunting and the outdoors with likeminded people. This is a wonderful community and I'm proud to be a part of it.

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    Thanks for this post @Brad . It’s refreshing to find a place where we can celebrate our passion for the outdoors without triggering all the naysayers. When I first killed my big buck 5 years ago and posted the pic on other social media, I had one person in particular accuse me of being a heartless trophy seeker. I just replied “I’ll stop hunting animals when they stop being delicious.” They didn’t get it. I don’t have that problem on GoWild.

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    It’s usually the same people who have no idea where our commercially farmed meat comes from and how the animals are raised. Wild animal hunted has less stress than a commercially raised animal. The meat is also healthier less chemicals. in the wild animals have less impact on the environment than farm raised.

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    Well said!

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    Thanks for standing strong! We love GoWild and will continue to spread the word about it to like minded individuals!

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    “They hate us cause they ain’t us”- some movie

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    I say Again !! Brad .. Great job .

  • Kenneth's avatar

    Also a fantastic picture Brad !

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    Us trappers really get hit hard over this crap. That’s why it’s best we all stick tight together as outdoors folks. And not bash on each other. I’m guilty of it myself with the duck hunters in my state.

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    Great post @Brad ,I like how you pointed out how sportsmen's dollars go to aiding conservation. I just wish these people who threaten everyone for hunting would just stop long enough to see the big picture of what we do and quit condemning us. This site is a blessing for all sportsmen and women who love the outdoors and enjoy all activities that can be accomplished there.

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    @Deep seen that many times

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    Media is the issue in this country. Rotten to the core. Media forms the opinions of those who want to be told what to think. Dangerous. I think that the most important thing we can all do as sportsmen is to put THE STORY out there. What I am finding is that the platform, if you use it and log your time paints a picture of the time and effort you put in. The long sits, no deer. The cold weather. The squirrels you thought were a deer. The things that have gone wrong and the things that have gone right. The highs and lows, the lessons learned. We NEED to be telling those stories. Behind every dead animal that feeds our family, there's a cool story of what was experienced in the outdoors. There's a connection to that food, soul deep for most of us...

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    Well said!

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    This place is such a great place. I've gotten to the point I wont even post on other platforms because of people who see one thing they dont like and make all their assumptions about you and your life. It's a disease with no cure on social media. I think some of these people in a respectful face to face conversation would be able to receive a better understanding of what they are so against.

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    @Jake 👊

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    2 Kings 6:16. Happy Thanksgiving

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    Glad I’m part of this great app (site) GoWild and we have to all stick together and defend our way of life and freedom’s 🇺🇸 GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸

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    Please, don’t ever give up!

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