The Impact of Increased Hunting and Ranching on Deer Numbers: A Complex Issue

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    I have found in life that there is usually more than one reason that things change. This doesn't just apply to nature and wildlife, but all things.

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    There’s always more than one side to a story. Always.

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    That is a HUGE issue with society in general these days: we can't have a honest conversation and discuss hard issues. I have seen first hand how folks buying properties and doing new things on them, or changing features. For example, when we rehabbed our ponds. We were doing a GREAT thing! However, in doing so, we changed deer movement because all over the weeds and shrubs and trees (cover) was taken away during the excavation. The deer felt exposed, they stopped traveling that way, and in daylight. When the new neighbors moved in with 5 loose dogs, deer and turkey dispeared from certain areas. When logging takes place, and habitat disappears (temporarily) so did the deer. When we did timber stand improvement, and dead trees started coming down making a mess, we saw less turkey numbers. They don't like navigating all that mess. When someone bought the property next to us and fenced it for cattle, the fence changed easy, and long established travel routes. It matters. Animals adjust. It just takes time.

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