Two Bucks Down: A Hunting Tale

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  • Judah's avatar

    Awsome can't wait to watch!!! Love u guys videos keep the 💥💥 coming. Nice buck congrats.

  • Ryan's avatar

    Just watched his muzzleloader kill. The man is racking up the bucks this year.

  • Eddie's avatar

    Man what a beautiful buck ! So Majestic

  • Jon's avatar

    Sounds like a great story, cant wait to watch.

  • Jonathan's avatar

    Damn a lot of bucks were shot on my bday and I wasn’t able to make it out

  • Lisa's avatar

    Niceee !! Congratulations to Ted! and @Jonathan 🎈 Happy belated Birthday

  • Jeremiah's avatar

    Such a good episode

  • Jeremy's avatar

    nice buck

  • John's avatar

    Watched it in it’s entirety! You guys are a fun group. I listen to your podcasts while I run equipment since I can’t hunt at work…

  • Alex's avatar

    Watched the video! It's crazy when it comes together like that. I tell my kids when they get bored during a sit, "it only takes 10 seconds to go from seeing nothing to getting a deer. " Nice job Ted! Love watching you all do it the right way.

  • Greg's avatar

    dear god! i mean deer god! if that isnt hunters porn then it doesnt exist. awesome.

  • Drew's avatar

    Big buck there

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The Hunting Public is an online video series that focuses on relating to all groups of hunters. By hunting in a variety of different situations we will try to teach our viewers different strategies for harvesting game.

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