The Rut Frenzy: Zach's Close Call

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  • RollTruck's avatar

    Congratulations love the show

  • Alan's avatar

    Awesome hunt!!! Congratulations on a great bull!

  • Kim's avatar

    That was a great hunt and video. The pack out was impressive!! Congrats.

  • Jason's avatar

    That was such an awesome video. That whole encounter with both those bulls was so intense. Congratulations on a great bull

  • Tony's avatar

    The size of that animal is sheer magnificence

  • David's avatar

    Absolutely incredible hunt! And seeing an animal of that size running at you? Nerves of steel for keeping that camera running!! Congrats on such a great bull!!!

  • Ron's avatar

    Absolutely loved every bit of those Colorado videos. Not the typical celebrity hunting show where you could’ve just shown the kill shot, Zach almost get run over, and pictures of the elk. No you include the whole reality of the trip from the hike in, day to day encounters, the approach to when Jake kills, to the 15 mile pack out. Keep up the great content guys! By far my favorite hunting show. Can’t wait to watch this seasons content!

  • EPIC's avatar

    Great bull! Yet to see video but will tonight! Yall get down here to missouri...would love to send you guys into a couple spots to pick apart!

  • Logan's avatar

    Wow that was an amazing video one of the best I’ve ever watched! That pack out was amazing! Congrats and keep up the amazing work!

  • Dylan's avatar

    Heck of a hunt! Collin’s a freaking beast for that pack out on a bum knee!

  • Jackson's avatar

    Dang that’s a stud! Love the show! Great shot too

  • Nathan's avatar

    Awesome video series!

  • RollTruck's avatar

    Watched the video and loved it

  • Manny's avatar

    Definitely a substantial animal 👌🏼 Nice work

  • David's avatar

    That was a crazy hunt. Loved the action. You guys do a great job!

  • Kenneth's avatar

    What a great picture. Shows the true size. Good job guys.

  • Zach's avatar

    What an animal! Started watching you guys while cruising Kentucky public land videos to get myself pumped up for the season. Great content. I love how you guys show the ups and downs and what leads you up to the moment you take the shot. Very educational and I'm looking forward to learning from your future content!

  • Jim's avatar

    That was awesome boys! Had my adrenaline pumping like I was there!

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