Extreme Bow Hunting in Minnesota

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  • Brad's avatar

    Bow hunt? Probably in the low 20°s. It’s usually 30s-50s for our pre-rut bow season.

  • Beckham's avatar

    I believe around 16-18 degrees

  • Jesse's avatar

    Last January it was 4 degrees

  • Michael's avatar

    20 degrees! That being said one December in MN I was hunting geese and it was -2🥶

  • Corey's avatar

    Eastern Montana, last day of season. -19°F (without windchill)

  • Gage's avatar

    I remember walking out to the blind and having ice on out for and I think it was 0-5 degrees out

  • Gage's avatar

    @Gage ice on our face

  • Tyler's avatar

    15-20 degrees but had an ice storm overnight. Everything was iced up and limbs breaking everywhere lol. Shouldn’t have even been out. Definitely to dangerous. But that was in my hardcore days 💪💪

  • Sam's avatar

    Single digits on a few occasions in Michigan when I lived there. -17 in Gunnison, Colorado was rough.

  • Jake's avatar

    End of December here in Northern lower MIchigan. Single digits!

  • James's avatar

    I once did an all day sit with a high that day of 19 degrees lows were in the single digits! Thank god for quality camo!

  • Kevin's avatar

    I’ll be out in 20-30 degrees this month and heading out for a late season Jan bow hunt next year. This podcast is most helpful. And they’re called hand muffs. Got quite the laugh from that tangent. 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Arne's avatar

    -10 to -20 on a caribou hunt up the Dalton highway. Luckily most of it was from the truck, although we did go set up one day where they kept coming on their migration. Went back to the camper after our waters froze. Couldn’t get enough body heat w/o putting the bottles on bare skin under our clothing so we said screw it and went back to camper for hot buttered rums…🤪

  • Jake's avatar

    Bout 75 degrees south Mississippi

  • Randy's avatar

    My coldest bow hunt was actually in Kansas this year. It was in the 20’s but the hight winds seemed to go right through me. I froze.

  • Brad's avatar

    @Jake 😂

  • Alex's avatar

    20s? Maybe.

  • PK's avatar

    18 degrees

  • CJ's avatar

    In the southeast, probably 30s ATM

  • Isaac's avatar

    This year, below zero temps with a -20 feels like sustained for 4 days in a row.

  • Rick's avatar

    If I ever bow hunt below 90 degrees that’s cold 😂 zone A Florida bow season starts in July @John

  • John's avatar

    This year on October 18. Highs that day were barely 40. Went out after work and it was in the low twenties by the time the 7 pointer I shot was hung. 12 degrees on Missouri’s modern firearms opener a 2-3 years ago.

  • Jackson's avatar

    Don’t bow hunt much but my coldest hunt was about 40 degrees. It doesn’t get really ever below the 20s here and it got up to 80 degrees today

  • Justin's avatar

    In MN, I’ve bow hunted in single digits. I believe 5 was the low. But the wind…

  • Dan's avatar

    Awesome !! My coldest bow hunt was -15 degrees!

  • Evan's avatar

    I think I was 14, back when we only did all-day sits. So it was about 11 hours and I think the high for the day was 11 degrees

  • Justin's avatar

    @Justin in gun season I’ve hunted -8. Got one of my best bucks after he crossed a creek in a foot of snow. Everything got wet and froze solid. Pants, especially.

  • Noah's avatar

    To be determined 😆 last year I bow hunted at around 15 degrees. Hands stayed in my hand muffler most of the time and didnt sit still long. I stayed moving around

  • Sam's avatar

    Hunted late season in Iowa a few years ago with my bow. High was -3 degrees. With the windchill it felt like -20.

  • Trace's avatar

    About 23

  • Brandon's avatar

    Somewhere around 5-10 degrees before the wind chill

  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    @Jesse ditto

  • Rainer's avatar

    Single digits in WV… it was miserable. One of the few times I wish I had a crossbow so I could wear a heavier jacket and not have to worry about string drag…

  • Clifton's avatar

    Mine was couple weeks ago. 30ish degrees

  • Josh's avatar

    -5 F was the coldest I’ve hunted in, and the coldest I’ve killed a deer in was around 10 degrees back at the end of the 2017-2018 kentucky season.

  • Nate's avatar

    I sat dark to dark in a tree stand with a high of 2 degrees F. That was 4 or 5 years ago in Western Massachusetts.

  • Josh's avatar

    Not a bow hunt but coldest hunt was -32*C plus the wind chill made it feel like -40*C. Which would translate to -40*F

  • Chase's avatar

    -10 to -15 without windchill in central Illinois!

  • Jonathan's avatar

    Bow hunting -10

  • Terry's avatar

    @James thats gnarly

  • Cody's avatar

    Into the Negatives, grew up in northern Wisconsin and the missouri bow season goes to jan 15. Those last two weeks get cold around here.

  • Arne's avatar

    @Josh only spot on the mercury both numbers line up! Little things you learn growing up in Alaska…🤪

  • Ryan's avatar

    -14F in MN three years ago during muzzleloader! Frostbite on fingers too after the long drag.

  • Ryan's avatar


  • Conrad's avatar

    Coldest bow hunt I've been on was in the high 20s, I was not prepared.

  • Josh's avatar

    @Ryan I was going to say that it’s not really the sit that is the problem, it’s when you get one down and your trying to get the deer gutted and to the truck that is the really difficult part.

  • Bruce's avatar

    7 degrees, wind blowing about 20 mph, and about 5 inches of snow on the ground. Hunted on the back side of a woods in a low spot sheltered from the wind. Don’t remember exactly how many deer I saw. It was somewhere around 30-35 with 3 bucks that were 140 plus. Didn’t get one but was great.

  • Ryan's avatar

    @Josh for sure! I actually had the skin peeling off my fingers about a week after that. I was dragging with a rope and must have had low blood flow there. Ha ha. Adrenaline kicks in and didn’t care how far or cold it was! Buck down! 😂.

  • Dylan's avatar

    2° in vermont, first time ever in a tree, saw nothing, still decided this is what I was gonna do every fall from now on!

  • Drew's avatar


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