The Hunting Crew's Archery Equipment for This Year's Season

  • Grizld's avatar

    Carbon Zion, 70lb, FMJ arrows, 125 gr Montecs

  • Reelrydor-'s avatar

    Same as last two years. PSE Bandit NXT. I've found over the years n like 20 bows, my short draw length n lower poundage I just get so much more efficiency from a shorter axel to axel bow. Arrows matter too.

  • Nathan's avatar

    V3x 29, 29” 75#, @Adams built Victory VAP tko 511 TAW, 150gr @Vantage single bevels.

  • Josh's avatar

    Bear Species EV at 70lb and 28in draw. Shooting Element Archery Quakes with 125 grain Magnus Stingers or G3 Montecs.

  • Paul's avatar

    Hoyt rx4 alpha, stinger magnus Broadheads. Gonna give the gold tip hunter xt 300 or 250 spine a try this year. I’m running a little behind on getting my arrows ready for the season!

  • Gary's avatar

    PSE Drive NXT. 31" draw 63lbs. 460gr Victory RIP TKO total arrow weight with magnus stinger 4 blade 125gr.

  • Shawn's avatar

    A Blackout epic (made by @Bear ) with all @Trophy accessories.

  • David's avatar

    Samick Sage 45# recurve with Magnus Stinger 4 blade

  • Zach's avatar

    @David Nice to see trad, I'm shooting a Bear Super Kodiak, Gold Tip arrows, Zwickey Eskilite broadheads.

  • ryan's avatar

    mathews phase 4.

  • Drew's avatar

    Hoyt ventom pro 4mm FMJ,s, Muzzy trokar HB broadheads

  • A.T's avatar

    Mathew’s phase 4 , 70lb, 31” draw 4mm. Axis match 480 gr megameat heads , Qad rest ,black gold duel trac

  • A.T's avatar

    @Drew damn you angry at em’😂👍

  • Drew's avatar

    @A.T all year long 🤣

  • Haven's avatar

    Misson hammer , with quad ultra rest, truglo basic 5 pin and gold tip arrows 400 gram

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