The Frustration and Reward of Bowhunting: My Quest for the Biggest Buck

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    Always tough. I’ve been blessed to find all of the deer I’ve put a bad shot on with my bow, but two years ago I had a nightmare of a December with my shotgun and muzzleloader. I lost a nice buck on the opener which I may have found hobbled by coyotes and alive at the base of my tree a week later and then I wounded a doe with the black powder, which I never recovered. The best we can do is exactly what we said — learn from our mistakes by slowing down and tightening up the process. It just stinks that the consequences of these lessons inflict pain on the deer. It’s something none of us take lightly as hunters.

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    @Ice yeah for sure, I was pretty emotional about wounding that deer. It just sucks with all the time and effort we put in to have it end up that way. I usually only get 1, maybe 2 chances at a good buck all year. Anyways, I’ll be back at it soon and make sure I put a clean, ethical shot on the next one.

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    Hey Brian, sorry to hear this news brotha. It’s gut wrenching I know. Stay strong and give it another glimpse when you’re out, you may not harvest him but you may be able to quell that fight in your mind and heart.

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    @Brian on another note, shot a 4x4 Mullie at 25 yds last year, blood on the arrow from tip to nock and no blood trail and never found him. Didn’t sleep for 2 night. Unfortunately it’s guilting my friend!

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    @John thanks John. I’ve put on the miles looking for him but no dice. I have a bunch of trail cams in the area so I’ll keep monitoring. Got back out yesterday and enjoyed a beautiful morning, passed on a small forky and almost got a shot on a coyote (got my wind). One more week to hit it hard in archery and then I’ll be taking my gun for a couple of long walks.

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Hunter, fisherman, and steward of the great outdoors. Firefighter/EMT

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