The Ethics of Hunting: Losing a Buck to Human Interference

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  • Jacob's avatar

    Sorry for that my friend. I can't imagine that without a fight.

  • Rob's avatar

    What a horrible series of events. Takes an awfully strong person to walk away in that situation. Your ethics are appreciated though.

  • Mike's avatar

    Wow. Just wow.

  • John's avatar

    I dont think he would have gotten that without a serious, serious conversation

  • Michael's avatar

    Happened to me 1 time here in PA left him lay overnight went back and 2 guys were dragging it down onto private, just not worth it there is always more deer

  • Bruce's avatar

    I have actually heard a shot and saw a deer coming and drop in front of me. Had to go find the person who shot it and tell them they killed it, twice. Was on public land,

  • Arica's avatar

    Love your storytelling! I’m sad this happened to you. Way to take the higher route, @Rachelle

  • Matt's avatar

    As a hunter safety instructor I must admit I admire your ethics. It's a hard pill to swallow when you come across a dimwit like this guy. On the other side, you still have an open tag to fill. Good luck

  • Scott's avatar

    Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry that happened to you. I have heard of that kind of thing happening in the big hole valley over elk. It’s absolutely awful. A person that would do that is not a true hunter. Especially him taking the shot not knowing if it was legal or not. That’s a poacher not a hunter.

  • Brad's avatar

    Wow. That is a wild story and I am not sure what I would have done but admire your composure.

  • Joey's avatar

    Unbelievable! This type of behavior really chaps me! Seeing good people who put in the work getting the short end of the stick, while(I’ll leave out the adjectives) people like that get their way knowing full well they were in the wrong, still going about their lives with no conscience or moral character. Despicable.

  • Ward's avatar

    My sympathy goes out to you. You are a true sportsman that had to deal with people who are definitely not true sportsman. That man has probably never been able or skilled enough to get a buck of that calibre so he fought and lied (cause I'm sure he knew he didn't hit it) just to be able to show it off. He will never be able to be proud of himself and will probably live a lifetime of regret. It is sad their are hunters like that. Wish you the best in your future hunts and hope this was a once in a lifetime experience for you

  • Sonny's avatar

    Good on you for being the grownup- I'm not sure I would have had the patience to do that! It's a shame that buffoon cost you a great buck, but you can take satisfaction at being able to look in the mirror and knowing the pride of being an ethical hunter, and the bigger man

  • Jerry's avatar

    You are stronger than I am. They would have had a fight on their hands. I work too hard for my deer to have someone steal it from me

  • John's avatar

    Doubt it, he’s probably too ignorant. Your the bigger man. Hope I’d be able to do the same but I doubt it, I pray it never comes to that.

  • Peter's avatar

    I. Second the comment that Sonny made, I hut n private land that is next to public and have had to deal with trespassers . That standing by the DNR sign and clam they are on public land where they are really o private la MN

  • Jess's avatar

    I admire your ethics.

  • Harold's avatar

    People really suck sometimes!

  • David's avatar

    It’s sad but I had it happen to me also. I never want to look at a “trophy” in my house and have to know that I stole it. You will be blessed with something better I’m sure.

  • Ian's avatar

    Your a good man. I had the same thing happen this year. Absolute bummer but good on you for being the bigger man.

  • Andre's avatar

    Wow. Sorry you had to deal with all of that. Someone has to be a

  • Andre's avatar

    @Andre to be the adult. Bravo to you for taking the high road. Clumsy finger broke up this message. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Dave's avatar

    Kudos@Rachelle , maybe blow up the picture and frame it , he’s still YOUR trophy. Congratulations on your success and ethics !

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