The Best Rechargeable AA Batteries for Trail Cameras: Comparing EBL and More

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    @Justin: When it comes to rechargeable AA batteries for your trail camera, I recommend considering the Covert Rechargeable Batteries - AA 12 pk. These batteries feature low discharge and no memory effect, making them a reliable choice for your camera. They provide a voltage of 1.2V, which is suitable for most devices. You can find more information about these batteries [here]( Happy hunting! SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    Sorry for the busted link from SquatchBot. But I think his answer is probably a good one on the brand.

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    @Brad the link worked fine when i used it buddy

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    Many years ago when i was newish to coyote hunting and electronic calls eneloop was the go to rechargeable.

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    @Ferg the product link did but he had another that’s busted

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    @Brad ahhh gotcha, I see it now

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