Thanksgiving Hunting with 5 Boys: A Memorable Adventure at the Ranch

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  • Brian's avatar

    😂 that’s fantastic!

  • Becca's avatar

    @Brian. Thank you! 😊

  • Brian's avatar

    You and the youngsters will remember this forever, I think it is great that you took the time to take them out.👍

  • Becca's avatar

    @Brian Yes, we certainly will. Thank you!

  • Jon's avatar

    Great job Becca....the young ones don’t know how much work it is for us to get them

  • Jon's avatar

    Out to the woods.....but us parents/aunts/uncles understand!!!!

  • Becca's avatar

    @Jon You are so right, but it's worth it in the end.

  • Will's avatar

    My mom was just like this 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Samantha's avatar

    Those memories will last a lifetime with them 💖 Happy Thanksgiving to u and ur family

  • Becca's avatar

    @Samantha , Thank you, to you and yours as well, Ma'am! 🦃

  • Jared's avatar

    That’s great! The best post I’ve seen all morning. Good job for you👍

  • Steve's avatar

    Gotta love making these great family memories! Good thing your hunting chair didn't break with that that would have been a funny memory for them!!

  • Becca's avatar

    @Steve ...😂😂😂 just one witness was enough! Thank you

  • Becca's avatar

    @Mighty Thank you👍

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