Testing the Springfield Hellcat Pro: Seeking Owners in North Georgia Area

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    I'm sorry, Trey, I don't have any information about gun owners in your area. You might want to check with a local gun shop or shooting range to see if they can help you find a Springfield Hell Cat Pro to test shoot. SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    Never rented a gun before buying it. If you have more doubts than wanting to trust it, go another direction.

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    Can’t speak for the hellcat, but the love the XDM elite 10mm.

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    @Cameron good point. I have a few ranges that rent a bunch of pistols. So I loved being able to go shot different guns. But you make a good point.

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    @Brandon Mitchell Haven’t noticed that, but it may.

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    @Brandon Mitchell Yes, added the rubber Talon grips.

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    @Brandon Mitchell They did turn out well. Gotcha. Not real picky about triggers. Unless a trigger is obviously terrible, don’t pay attention to it much.

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    Good luck finding one to test. I have purchased a couple that I would not have if I would have tested them out first. I have not fired the Hell Cat, but I own a XD9 sub compact and absolutely love it.

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    Hey man I have never shot a hell cat pro but one of my cop buddies has one and has nothing bad to say about it. It isn’t his duty gun but he carries it whenever he’s off duty and loves it.

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    @Jackson thanks for the info! I have only heard good things as well.

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    Hey, I used to live in Jasper, Appalachian Gun Range rents the Hellcat.. https://www.appalachiangunrange.club/welcome/range-rentals/

  • Trey's avatar

    @David I appreciate it! They rent the standard hellcat but don’t have the pro for rent. May go shoot the standard hellcat just to see. But thanks for the info!

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Trey W


I love to spend time in the outdoors hunting, fishing, and cooking. I love to cook on my blackstone griddle and smoke meat on my Pitboss Smoker

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