Testing Out My New Muzzle Break and Trigger Spring at the Gun Range

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  • Nemo's avatar

    That’s a good looking wall!

  • Matt's avatar

    Thanks!! It’s a work In progress!! 😁🦌🦌🦌🦌

  • John's avatar

    Sweet gun! Love the shirt man!

  • Matt's avatar

    @John thanks. I get lots of comments about it.

  • Randall's avatar

    Love da shirt

  • Kit's avatar

    Where'd you get the t-shirt 👕, I've got to get one for my boyfriend

  • Matt's avatar

    @Kit my wife got it for me on lime. I’m not sure what site. I will ask her and se if she remembers.

  • Kit's avatar

    @Matt Thanks,

  • Bruce's avatar

    I want the shirt in a 4XL please. Nice gun.

  • Brianna's avatar

    What a beautiful wall! 😘

  • Matt's avatar

    @Brianna that’s just one wall. I need a bigger house with all the animals I have mounted and I have a Elk and Mule deer hunt coming up also. Lol.

  • Brianna's avatar

    @Matt Lucky you dear, I wish to hunt like you

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Matt M


I have been hunting and fishing all my life. I grew up in North East Georgia but now I live in South East Texas. I have killed Caribou, Prong Horn Antelope, Whitetail, Hogs, exotics in Texas. All the small game and birds there are. I have fished fresh water and salt water. I love anything out doors!

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