Taking Your Dog on the Trap Line: Tips and Tricks for a Safe and Successful Hunt

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  • Chris's avatar

    Most of mine don’t bay them in a trap. They stretch them. It puts me in a conundrum. I usually want to take them out alive.

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    Yes, I think you should take your dog everywhere you can. We drive the sxs to most of our sets. We use these as training sessions to make our dogs wait on the machine, while they are looking at the varmint, until we give them the command.

  • Brandon's avatar

    @Chris that was my thought too ! I’m surprised that one isn’t !

  • Alexander's avatar

    @Brandon Polka was bit on the face by a bear when she was 6 months old. She since had lost any fear of bears and would latch on to it and wouldn’t let go (obviously not a good thing!). But with smaller critters she keeps her distance.

  • Brandon's avatar

    In my opinion that’s a better alternative to being scared of one and staying 30 feet away ! It’s just as well she don’t it will save you on antibiotics

  • Alexander's avatar

    @Brandon I don’t take her bear hunting any more. She is now my squirrel/trap line dog. And she does well at that.

  • Brandon's avatar

    @Alexander ahh I gotcha.

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Alexander K


Chasing black bears with West Siberian Laika dogs in the Appalachia.

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