Taking Part in Conservation Efforts: Insights from our Co-Founder

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    Backcountry Hunters & Anglers (Oklahoma board member), 2% For Conversation (Regional Committee), NWTF, QDMA, BASS

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    I joined the NWTF last year, thanks to posts like this one.

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    Pheasant Forever board member, DU committee member, NWTF member

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    I am a member of NWTF, RMEF, and Dallas Safari Club.

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    Ducks Unlimited Trout Unlimited NWTF NWF WWF

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    I am a life member of Trout Unlimited and B.A.S.S. I am also a member of Sportsmen's Alliance, Whitetails Unlimited, Boone & Crocket, and BHA (hope to upgrade to lifetime). I have also donated to WCF and TRCP.

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    QDMA because they most closely match my values as a hunter. I also try to select companies commuted to giving back to conservation when I do business.

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    The Fallen Outdoors, NWTF, pheasants forever,

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    I'm a volunteer with CDFW helping maintain public land in the Mojave desert. There are ponds onsite that have Mojave chub. We also help with invasive species control and habitat restoration. In addition to that I am the current president of our local rod and gun club, the Temple City Sportsmen. We do a ton of conservation projects.

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    Join the sportsman’s alliance. These guys are fighting the good fight in the courtrooms. They are currently suing the New Jersey Governor for banning NJ public land bear hunting. There are doing this among many many other things. If you are not a member you should look into it. They work all across the country fighting anti hunting agenda. https://www.sportsmensalliance.org/

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    You guys have all the good parties 😜😂

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    I volunteer for Texas Parks & Wildlife as a Hunter Education Instructor

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    @Brian agreed!

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    I clear dead falls and trash on federal land in wisconsin for dnr. I am a member or north american hunting club, N.R.A ,NWTF, and a proud member of GO WILD. And I mentor new hunters who are disabled. Being disabled myself kind of helps me understand there limatations.

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    Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (Texas Board Member-hat tip to @Osborn), 2% for conservation certified, RMEF, NWTF, DU, and Texas Wildlife Association.

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    Im a proud member of the Union Sportsman Alliance. 6 million members strong supporting hunting, fishing and conservation from many different ways. I am joining NWTF today! And, of course, @GoWild and @Bigfoot I'm hoping these turn into something much more

  • Love seeing so many people a part of so many different ways of benefiting conservation! I see a few I need to go join! 2% for Conservation, Ducks Unlimited, volunteer for different local WL&F events, as well as just doing my part of picking up all the trash I see.

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    I’m a member of Pheasant Forever, Whitetail Unlimited, the Mossy Oak Gamekeepers, and I volunteer for the Mayfly Project! I’d love to join Trout Unlimited, but the closest chapter is 2 hours away... 😬

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    @Holden I’m also a member of B.A.S.S. I just joined last December!

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    There aren’t near enough comments on this thread.

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    @Bobby Bobby nice to see you on here

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    NWTF local chapter president Washington State NWTF chapter president, NWTF Save the Hunt Coordinator, certified mentor hunter and The Fallen Outdoors supporter. Had the chance to meet with and listen to the found of Go Wild last month in Nashville. Pretty awesome to see what everyone supports.

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    @Russell you too man. I see you help TFO where are you located?

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    @Bobby state of WA where it all began.

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    @Russell one of thise says I'll make it up there and hunt with some of the founders

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