Taking Down a Monster Buck: My Best Deer Hunt Yet!

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Whitetail Buck

  • rifle
  • 200 lbs
  • 8
    antler tines
  • private
    land type
  • 15
    distance (yards)
  • Parker's avatar

    Dang it man! What a stud!

  • Donovan's avatar

    Big boy 🦌

  • Joel's avatar


  • Logan's avatar


  • O2's avatar

  • AJ's avatar

    Whoa, stoked to hear the full story! congrats, beautiful buck!

  • Blue River's avatar

    Awesome buck man congrats!

  • Bruce's avatar

    Nice buck, congrats.

  • Derek's avatar

    WIDE! Congratulations again, dude!

  • David's avatar

    What a stud! Can't wait to hear the story. Congratulations bud!🦌👍👊

  • Bill's avatar


  • Mike's avatar

    Boom!! Congrats man!👊 Time to Boogie….

  • Jacob's avatar

    @David it’s crazy.

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Mike thanks, buddy.

  • Brian's avatar

    What a brute, congratulations! 👊 👍

  • Maddox's avatar

    Man at that spread

  • Osborn's avatar

    That sounds like awesome hunt!

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Osborn it was intense.

  • Roger's avatar

    That’s the stuff dreams are made of 🤩! Nice work @Jacob , the hunt is never over.

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Roger thanks

  • Cody's avatar

    That's crazy. Congrats!

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Cody thanks!

  • Tom's avatar

    Beautiful and a fighter too. Congratulations

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Tom thanks bud!

  • Tom's avatar


  • Dan's avatar

    Awesome buck! Congrats!

  • Wade's avatar

    Congratulations bud

  • Pat's avatar

    What a hunt! Neat buck!

  • Wade's avatar

    @Pat thanks bud

  • Josh's avatar

    Wow nice buck

  • Ronnie's avatar

    What a stud !

  • Sarah's avatar


  • Cree's avatar


  • Karl's avatar


  • Christopher's avatar

    congrats on that stud

  • Victor's avatar

    Tank!!! Congrats!

  • Brad's avatar


  • Robert's avatar

    Wild Congratulations

  • Chad's avatar

    awesome swamp donkey

  • James's avatar

    thats awesome congrats man .

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Jacob K


Director of Strategic Partnerships for GoWild A bike riding, trail running angler who thinks he’s a hunter from time to time. I love spending time with my wife and 3 kids outside and learning new hobbies. I have legitimate rock skipping skills.

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