Taking Control of My Mind and Body: Quitting Unconscious Sugar and Alcohol

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    Ack, story got cut off! Here's the rest

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    I have fewer cravings for sweets and alcohol than I did before, so seeing and even smelling them has less of an effect on me. I can now look at, smell, and contemplate consuming or not consuming sweets without being attached to the idea, and can keep it at arms’ length. I also feel like my overall appetite is… not lessened, just calmer. I can tell when I need to eat, and I do eat, but I think even my consumption of normal / healthy food has gone down too because my hunger and cravings before mealtimes just seems less acute.

    The real test was just yesterday, I made several dozen chocolate chip cookies for my wife’s office that is going through a big work project. So I spent probably over an hour interacting with sugar, chocolate chips, and of course – multiple baking sheets of fresh-baked, gooey cookies. And I didn’t eat a single one – not one chocolate chip slipped past my lips. I packed them up and sent them away with my wife. I gave some to the neighbors, some to the dog walker, I brought cookies into my own office and gave them away there, and not only did I not eat one, I don’t really feel deprived or sorry about it either.

    I think the ticket to how it worked was re-framing the issue in my mind. I wasn’t denying myself a pleasurable experience I deeply longed for and could come up with any number of justifications for – ‘I’m hungry and need energy!’ or ‘I worked out really hard today!’ or ‘I’m going to work out really hard later!’ or even the supremely seductive: ‘I’m not fat, so who cares!?’. I was re-taking control of my mind by paying attention to how I interacted with my desires. I was strengthening my mind, and improving my powers of self-awareness and control, and it feels good.

    Will I keep this new pattern up forever? Time will tell, but in the meantime I think it was a step down a good path, and one I intend to keep exploring.

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Kyle S


Recently moved to Oahu and am excited to learn about the new opportunities here. I came to hunting late in life and really enjoy getting new people involved. I taught Hunters Education and the International Bowhunter's Education Program in Virginia and take people out on mentored hunts wild game and edible mushrooms.

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