Taking a Frontal Shot on a White Tail: A Risky but Successful Hunting Story

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  • Tyler's avatar

    I have before but don’t really recommend it. You know it has to be that perfect angle in the moment

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Tyler I completely agree man. Has to look right and feel right and be under 20 yds.

  • Josh's avatar

    Another vote for only in a perfect scenario. I also would prefer to be really low or on the ground, any angle could really mess that up,

  • Mike's avatar

    With a bow I prefer broadside but with a fixed blade like you where you can get good penetration I don’t see it being an issue. Like others have said the angle needs to be right. When I gun hunt I prefer a frontal shot because my bullets fragment and it puts them down very quickly. Congrats by the way! Very good shot placement. Nothing better than a short track job.

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Mike thank you sir

  • Zach's avatar

    @Nathan I did a shot a lot like that on my very first archery buck. It can definitely be very lethal but would not try it from over 20. Awesome job on the buck👌👍

  • Cam's avatar

    not from super far away i wouldnt but from pretty close like under 50 yards. thats how i shot my first deer and it was a heart shot so it worked out. (with a gun not a bow)

  • Brad's avatar

    My buddy @Jonathan took one back in September this year on his largest buck to date. Go check out his page.

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Brad that’s a stud buck he shot

  • Weston's avatar

    This past rifle season I took a buck head on..It was my only option before it was going to leave.And I dropped it on the spot

  • Zach's avatar

    All day I would take a frontal shot! Of course it depends on your setup / situation. But never out of the question.! Frontal shots get up in there and get all the goodies !

  • Judah's avatar

    I took a frontal shot on a doe. I noticed her before she noticed me. I was already aiming at her when she got clear of the brush. She pegged me and started walking straight to me. She didn't know what inwas but I would estimate it was a 27 yard shot. Went in her neck and the arrow never left her. Blood trail was big pools of blood every 5 to 7 yards. (When she would exhale). She made it about 50 yards after the shot.

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