A Work of Art: @Lisa's Basket

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  • Tom's avatar

    Love @Lisa baskets. She does such a wonderful job.

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    Wow, TJ!! Thank you for your super kind words!! You and Tiffany are over the top folks, so giving and easy to communicate with! I truly appreciate you sharing where it sits and how it looks in your home. It makes me happy!
    I plan to put together a coffee table book to be passed down to my sons. If I may, I'd like to use your photos. This blesses my heart. Thanks again, TJ!
    Big hugs to y'all!!πŸ€—β€οΈ

  • Lisa's avatar

    Thanks so much, Tom!! I appreciate your kindness always!πŸ€—β€οΈ

  • Rob's avatar

    That's so awesome! Nice work Lisa!

  • T.J.'s avatar

    @Lisa back at ya!!! You are welcome to use any that you want. It would be an honor. The basket may migrate to a bookshelf as soon as we find one we like.

  • Lisa's avatar

    @Rob Thanks, Rob!πŸ€—

  • Lisa's avatar

    Thanks, TJ! Maybe email the photos? I had to just screenshot them because ya can't hold down and save photos here. Appreciate y'all!πŸ€—

  • T.J.'s avatar

    @Lisa Will do. Have a safe and happy New Year!!!

  • Lisa's avatar

    Thank you!

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T.J. R


A GA boy living the dream in WY who believes in God, family, Country, friends, and the outdoors. I am beyond blessed to have a beautiful wife that supports my addiction, and three kids that love it like I do. Live to hunt, and hunt to live...

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