Surviving a Rattlesnake Attack While Elk Hunting in September

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    Did you save the hide? It would have made half a bow backing.

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    Thats pretty darn cool!

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    @Brian sure did.

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    Goodness! That’s a nice size snake 🐍!! 😯

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    @Tez This one I killed was way bigger. Lol

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    @Rena good. Personally I’d eat it too. I hear rattler is good eating. Those skins are nice looking.

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    @Brian we do eat them. Keep the skins, but since I stalked this one for an hour and it is such a big Prairie Rattler, it's currently in freezer waiting to become a taxidermy mount.

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    @Rena cool. It’ll look nice.

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    That’s a wild story 👍

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    As a teenager out in the mountain west I don’t know why my parents ever let me in brush and foot hills, I stumbled on several rattlers some times within inches and got lucky! I glad it wasn’t more severe and you were prepared with the right gear!

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    Bad ass!

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