Surviving a Close Encounter: When Ground Hunting Solo Turns Risky with a Big Bear

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  • Nathan's avatar

    Last time I went out I had a couple of coyotes shadow me for about an hour. One of them almost got a dirt nap.

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    I was doing a solo ultra run in meadow lake park and passed out on the side of the road. I woke up to a bear sniffing my feet. Just a little unnerving to wake up and realize that no you are not at home and no that is not my dog.

  • @Nathan Holy smokes eh, that’s pretty brutal, the coyote population seems like it has exploded everywhere. Even out here man there’s a ton of them fawn killing critters. Always remember a dead coyote is a good coyote 👊🏻

  • @Ian Wow that would be an insane shocker to the system, and frightening as can be. Glad you made it out without any worries though.

  • Ian's avatar

    @Dan I kinda wish I got raked just a little 🤣 just a small scar. I’m pretty sure it thought I was dead!

  • @Ian If you did it could of lead up to another thing just with thinking here and oh my 😂

  • Ian's avatar

    @Dan My wife showed up to pick me up minutes later and she didn’t understand why I wanted to leave so quick lol. The funny thing is I naturally grabbed a trekking pole to fight with instead of my bear spray. I’m glad it didn’t come to that.

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