Surviving a Bluff Charge from a Little Javelina: My Close Encounter in the Wild

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    That’ll teach em. Nasty little buggers.

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    😄👍🏼gotta have good aim when they're not very big. 🎯

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    Bacon seed!

  • Steve's avatar

    I’d love to shoot one some day

  • Joel's avatar

    @Casey he was only 5-6 yards away so it wasn’t hard to put one through his forehead!

  • GVS's avatar

    I have always wanted to hunt them. Calling them looks fun

  • Robert's avatar

    Great deal

  • Bradley's avatar


  • Mark's avatar

    Good eating!!! Would love to hunt one with bow! I’m a little out of range of them critters though being from NC mountains

  • Dylan's avatar

    Got eem

  • Jordan's avatar

    What kind of dishes do you like to make with them?

  • Joel's avatar

    @Jordan I generally will opt toward a pot roast recipe in a crock pot. Anything with low temp over a long period of time though will work.

  • Jordan's avatar

    Glad your filling your freezer with em. They don’t have a great culinary reputation.

  • Steve's avatar

    @Jordan they make great jerky and grill up very nicely too the trick is soaking them to draw out the blood and not overcooking them

  • Brady's avatar

    6 yard shot is crazy

  • Joel's avatar

    @Brady it was pretty sketchy. I was trying to let him pass by me without alerting he and the others that I was there but he got a little to ornery.

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