Suggestions for trying saddle hunting?

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    I like the method 2 by Latitude outdoors. A lot of comfort for your back.

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    If you are somewhat patient, you can find deals on the individual items, whether it is ordering from manufacturers or buying it on here. You can also make your own linesman belt for a fraction of the cost. This will be my first year in a saddle and I’m super excited for it.

  • A.T's avatar

    Go with sticks and maybe a single step aider to start, steer clear of single sticking , and get used to simply getting up to hunting height and , practice!! Get a platform of some kind, start today

  • Nathan's avatar

    Contact @Shawn for, looks like, everything but sticks.

  • Buck's avatar

    Skeletor sticks and Eberhart or menace saddle. Eberhart takes more time to get used to putting on. Menace is easy and can walk in the woods with it. My advice— get a good pack or DIY something together to easily grab your sticks as you climb up the tree

  • David's avatar

    @Buck I have the sticks and pack ready from previous hang on stand adventures.. I will look into two saddles… Thanks for the advice.

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    @Nathan I’ve looked at Tethrd, great reviews from what I’ve read, but the cost is a bit high reaching to $500+ and that’s a lot to drop into something I’ve yet to try. That and an XL won’t work for me at 5’9” and 155lbs.

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    @Jeff it’s that mobility that I want. With the hand on’s, even the 10-12lb stands get heavy hauling them up and down the tree, so being able to shimmy down, grab the sticks, disconnect, and bounce to the next spot is what is so appealing..

  • Nathan's avatar

    @David check out buzzard roost. I haven’t sat them yet myself, but have heard great things.

  • Jeff's avatar

    @David I got tired of the weight and noise of a climber. I feel like I can be quieter and quicker with a saddle setup

  • A.T's avatar

    I like having everything I need compact and light so I can still hunt , if need be , instead of feeling obligated to find a tree while dragging a space shuttle sized climber in on a new piece of public, hunting for a straight tree instead of deer sucks

  • Larry's avatar

    I personally have the hawk tree saddle . I have had no issues with it at all. I also use hak sticks( a little heavier than some but also a lot cheaper than most and the work nice) I also have a trophyline mission platform. Everything works good and I pieces my setup together as items went on sale. Good luck to you this season

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David M


I’m a bow hunter at heart. Partial to chasing hogs, turkeys, deer, and coyotes. Love shooting, fishing, camping, bushcraft and just enjoying our great parks and public wma’s.

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