Successfully Relocating a Comfortable Bear Near Our Home

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  • Casey's avatar

    👍🏼good luck and good riddance🤞🏼

  • Derek's avatar

    I put in for my first Wisconsin bear point, so hopefully in quite a few years, I can come up and help you out!

  • Jimmy's avatar

    @Derek sounds great!!

  • Derek's avatar

    @Jimmy roughly how many points does a person need to draw a tag in your area?

  • Jimmy's avatar

    @Derek 8-10

  • Derek's avatar

    @Jimmy dang! Alright...see you in a decade, haha.

  • Michael's avatar

    Is it staying in Wisconsin? I only put in for a point this year.

  • Jimmy's avatar

    @Michael yep it’ll be about an hour south

  • Brad's avatar

    That trap is wild.

  • Jimmy's avatar

    @Brad wasn’t sure he’d fit in it lol. But apparently, once he gets to the new spot, he just stands on top, and opens the door and bear will just run out 😳😬🤷‍♂️

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