Successful Winter Trapping: Catching Coons in Single Digits

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    He must be a big one, luckily for me, I have never had one pull out of a dp trap. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  • Tom's avatar

    @Brian this time it did a bit of damage. Trap is coated with blood. I hate leaving an injured animal out there.

  • Brian's avatar

    @Tom I don't like that either, I have caught mice in them before and had them half eaten and blood all over the trap. But if it was a coo and hurt himself they are tuff and he will be alright, I have caught several 3 legged coon and a few bob tailed ones also.

  • Dave's avatar

    Nice job

  • Brian's avatar

    I lost one out of a DP this year. I got a lot of pictures of dogs that day. I think one of them pulled it out. I got to keep his paw.

  • Tom's avatar

    @Brian I’ve come

  • Tom's avatar

    @Brian I’ve come to the conclusion after loosing 3 this season that the reason is that the DP is frozen in the ground and makes it much more likely that the coon will break the bone and then be able to leave the foot there. If the trap comes out of the ground as it is designed to, it makes it much more difficult to completely break the bone above the foot because the trap can move and flop with the coon. Just my observation and seems to make sense.

  • Brian's avatar

    @Tom that would make a difference. The one that I lost was on a warmer muddy day. Had a good trap circle. It could have been just bad luck but I’m also not ruling out the dogs. That was the first one I’d ever lost.

  • Brian's avatar

    @Tom do you like those duke dog proofs or do you use something else?

  • Tom's avatar

    @Brian honestly I’ve got a couple different manufacturers of DPs the one that isn’t a duke will trip by either pushing or pulling on the trigger haven’t found much difference in how well they work. Both work.

  • Brian's avatar

    @Tom I’m using a push pull trap. It makes sense but I’ve caught on both too. The ones I’m using I can’t seem to find. I’m guessing they’re out of business or something.

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Tom D


First big game hunt was woodland caribou and a cow moose in Newfoundland at the age of 41. My son has been raised to respect and appreciate the hunting lifestyle. Cooking game has been the frosting on the hunting cake.

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