Successful Turkey Hunt with Mossberg and Hornady Gear

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  • Houston Safari's avatar

    Love that gun. Use the same one for turkey.

  • Kevin's avatar

    @Houston I switched from 31/2 in shells to 3” & still get the same distance & pattern. I use an a Indian Creek choke tube also

  • Heather's avatar

    Love the camp

  • Jason's avatar

    What shells are you using. I have the same gun and can’t get it to pattern well...... HELP

  • Kevin's avatar

    @Jason when I first bought it I had the same problem. They sent it off & put a new barrel on & I put an Indian Creek choke tube in & never had a problem since. I also switched from 3 1/2” shells to 3” only because they hit just as good. Hornady #4 Heavy Magnum

  • Kevin's avatar

    @Jason also it could be the choke that’s in it if it’s factory. I’ve had the same problem using factory choke tubes

  • Jason's avatar

    @Kevin No Way!!!!!! I had to send mine back as well!!!!!

  • Jason's avatar

    @Kevin Thank you for the information. I’ll let you know if it helps!!!!!

  • Kevin's avatar

    @Jason you bet man & good luck.

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