Successful Turkey Hunt: Late Arrival, Yelps, and a Close Shot

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  • shotgun
  • 23 lbs
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  • osceola
  • 1.4
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    @Megan, congratulations on a beautiful turkey! I had a similar experience. I overslept and my buddy left without me. Got to the woods around 9:30. Walked to my spot, sat, called and got 3 turkeys gobbling back. They came up over a small ridge, all longbeards! One cleared, I fired and the turkey dropped. The other 2 turkeys took off. Walked over and 2 turkeys were flopping on the ground! Never saw, or heard, the other turkey about 15 yards behind the other 3. It all happened in under 2 minutes! I texted my buddy, that I was sleeping in during turkey season from now on. I can't reprint his reply to a lady.

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    I wish it was that easy. Where I hunt at we would get out at 6:00 and hear 3 toms all fired up, then by 7:30-8:00 you wouldn’t hear a thing

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    I guess I've killed close to 30 gobblers now, I think maybe 2 were called in before 9:00. They don't usually get done breeding their hens and go looking for new ones until around that time. Generally if I find a bird gobbling after 10:00 it's a dead bird walking

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    @Donald haha that is awesome! 🙌🏼

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    @Dakota if you know me you know my turkey hunts are NEVER easy lol this must’ve been God handing me one💙

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    Congrats on the awesome kill 🦃 Turkey hunting is my favorite thing to hunt & seeing pics like this gets me ready for April!

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    @John it’s my favorite!

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