Successful Turkey Hunt: Bagged My Bird with Mossberg at 6:25am

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  • 29 lbs
  • 9
    beard length (in)
  • eastern
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  • Michael's avatar

    Way to go Dan! Judging from your vibrant description of the hunt you will probably give up deer hunting for good now 😂😂😂

  • John's avatar

    Congrats on the kill 👊 Sounds like he played the script perfectly!

  • Grayson's avatar

    What kind of jacket is that is it scent lock

  • Jacob's avatar

    In khakis. 😂 Paul is cursing.

  • Brayden's avatar

    Dan Johnson: United States Leader of Turkey Hunting Strategy

  • Ice Fishing's avatar

    Did you use the garbage bag decoy?

  • Jonathan's avatar

    Way to get er done

  • Derek's avatar

    By far the best turkey hunter I know.

  • Paul's avatar

    @Brayden stop it.

  • Ross's avatar

    Those are the best hunts! Congrats Bro!

  • Zakk's avatar

    God damn

  • James's avatar

    Can’t work much better than that Dan! Congrats on a great bird!

  • Dan's avatar

    @Derek Hands down not even close

  • Joshua's avatar

    Way to go man

  • Pat's avatar

    Text book! Haha hell yes

  • O2's avatar

    What color was the leash they walked it out with?

  • Alexandra's avatar


  • Brad's avatar


  • Bobby's avatar


  • Tyler's avatar

    Nice job congratulations 💪💪

  • Danny's avatar

    The nine finger wonder is more that a big Buck killer. I knew it !

  • Chris's avatar

    Nice turkey! Congrats.

  • Sandra's avatar

    Congratulations nice bird. What decoy or how many decoys/ set up did you use.

  • Dan's avatar

    @Michael 100%

  • Dan's avatar

    @Grayson Element

  • Dan's avatar

    @Jacob I had a polo under that jacket

  • Dan's avatar

    @Brayden Direct advisor to the president

  • Dan's avatar

    @Ice I could have

  • Dan's avatar

    @Derek 2nd place is not even close

  • Dan's avatar

    @Sandra just a strutting tom decoy behind me

  • Dan's avatar

    @O2 full disclosure, this was a high fence hunt, and it wasn't a leash it was string tied to his foot

  • Jacob's avatar

    @Dan 😂 tucked in I hope.

  • Robert's avatar

    Great bird

  • O2's avatar

    @Dan 😂😂😂

  • Sandra's avatar

    @Dan ok thank you. I’m not been turkey hunting all that long.

  • Derek's avatar


  • Richard's avatar

    Nice bird! Congratulats Dan!

  • David's avatar

    Beautiful bird man! good stuff congrats on a successful hunt!

  • Doug's avatar

    Great job brother

  • Barry's avatar

    Got to like it when a plan comes together,

  • Aron's avatar

    Congratulations brother.

  • Nick's avatar

    What a tank. Congrats on a great hunt

  • Zakk's avatar


  • Desiree's avatar

    Wow!! So cool, makes me want to get out there and go finally get mine!!

  • Chris's avatar

    Good job

  • Robert's avatar

    Great deal!

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Dan J


Father and husband first, bowhunting second, there is no third.

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